I had hit a couple of psychological bumps in the road and really wanted a knowledgeable therapist who would work with me. After reading another patient's review of Dr. Kalin, her sense of humor and general approach, I decided to make an appointment. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is a gifted therapist; the best and for the first time in years I feel balanced and happy.

In my 50's, I assumed I could experience limited growth and few changes from therapy.  Working with Gail Kalin has resulted in awesome changes with rapid resolution of old traumas and life long struggles.  Her clinical expertise, professional warmth and patience has led me to great career developments.  Most important, I live in the present in ways I would have never dreamed possible.
"Mary" M. 

Dr. Kalin's approach to therapy is caring and extremely effective. She walked me through my hypnotherapy session safely, with amazing results. I stopped drinking alcohol without any effort, after years of struggle. It came naturally, from inside out.  She also uses other techniques besides hypnotherapy, which helped me to deal successfully with problems at work, and also with eating habits (cravings). Sometimes forcing yourself to change habits just does not work. If you have persistent habits you have tried to change or stop but never was able to, I highly recommend counseling with  Dr. Kalin .

Dr. Kalin is an extremely gifted and skilled therapist who is able to appropriately apply humor, insight and compassion at just the right moments. I feel she really had my back as I navigated many trials and tribulations. Dr. Kalin helped me find new skills that really worked for me. I found better ways to solve problems, and ultimately a new-found courage and sense of self that lifted me from out of a deep despair. In short, Dr. Kalin gave me back my life.

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